Tip For The Outdoor Living Space

Tip For The Outdoor Living Space


The part of your landscaping plan that is perhaps the most important is the part you’re going to be using. An outdoor patio, deck, or porch will be your place to enjoy the outdoors and entertain. Here’s a good guide to the basics of creating a high-end outdoor space on a low-end budget. In addition, looking at that photo of the table and chairs reminded us of the comfort-point, so we’d like to offer some tips:

Watch what you’re planting overhead to make sure it doesn’t interfere with your enjoyment. Those magnolia blossoms look great, but think about how you’ll have to fish them out of your morning coffee when you sit there.

Chose a stable flooring for the patio area that’s low-maintenance. You can’t go wrong with rock! Just be sure that it isn’t breaking up and forming muddy crags and holes to catch a heel on.

Have a plan for weather. An umbrella or dense trees will shade you from sun, but also think what the rain and snow will do to your outdoor living space furnishings.

Take note of the local pests. You’ll want citronella torches in mosquito country. Watch out for termites with wood furniture. And you might consider an elevated deck altogether, if your area is just crawling with horrid little monsters thriving on your ecosystem.

Have the decor go with the landscape. You might be able to get away with furnishing your ranch patio with wooden cable spools and wagon wheels, but that will never fly for your Japanese tea garden!