Landscaping Services

Landscape Constructions offer a full range of landscaping services including gardening, landscape design, construction and maintenance services.

Our team of landscaping services experts including garden designers, horticulturists & tradespeople have been designing & building gardens and outdoor al fresco areas for over a decade.

Garden LandscapingResidential and Commercial Services

We cater to home owners with our home garden landscaping services, local councils & government organizations as well as commercial building owners with our corporate landscaping services. Residential and commercial garden landscapers require different skill sets in order to successfully complete their job.

Luckily at Landscape Constructions we have experienced landscapers that can complete both residential and commercial projects. Both of the types on landscapes must be pleasing to the eye and functional for their intended use. It takes a talented designer to be able to understand the needs of a corporate office building and to also be able to design a practical garden for a family with kids.

Collaborative Design Process

Landscape Constructions provides you with complete garden landscape services including design and construction service in Perth, WA. Our design process identifies your specific garden requirements and determines the most effective solution for your landscape project. We can take the project from start to finish. The project will begin with an initial consultation where a designer will discuss your specific requirements. A plan will then be devised for you to look over.

After your approval your garden space will be constructed and then you can choose to have us regularly maintain the area. Landscape Constructions’ approach is the key to producing a unique, low maintenance, stylish and most importantly, functional landscape for your home or commercial property.

Garden landscaping design

Choosing the right plants and materials to compliment and maximise the use of available space is essential to great design. Careful consideration of your garden’s existing features will lay the foundations to the landscape design.


Services that we offer include:

  • Retaining walls and fences.
  • Paving.
  • Pergolas, gazebos and decks.
  • Feature walls.
  • Water features and fountains.


From office gardens and local council land to complete school grounds, we will find the ideal corporate landscaping solution for you. We pride ourselves in contemporary designs and quality construction. You can rest assured that your plant selection will suit the surroundings and natural environment.


Landscape Constructions has experienced staff to carry out regular landscape maintenance including garden maintenance for you, making sure that your home or office is never let down by your garden.


The initial visit by a member of our design team will discover what you want to see in your garden design. You will discuss with the designer about goals of the project and the working budget. This is also when a timeline will be created so that the landscaping will be completed to the right specifications on time.