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Landscape Designing: Retaining Walls


Landscape designing is not just about placing plants and trees in attractive arrangements. There are some other concepts and ideas too that can be used to create deliberate variations for better soil retention, use of acreage and sometimes just better visual impact. The retaining walls are one such concept that is used quite commonly in […] Read more

Local Laws – Planning For Lawns


This is one of those “bureaucracy gone mad” stories that you hear about every now and then. Boing Boing recently reported on a couple who replaced their grass lawn with drought-tolerant plants – and got sued by the city! While this takes place in Orange County, California, US (world-famous for invasive government that micromanages your […] Read more

Tip For The Outdoor Living Space


The part of your landscaping plan that is perhaps the most important is the part you’re going to be using. An outdoor patio, deck, or porch will be your place to enjoy the outdoors and entertain. Here’s a good guide to the basics of creating a high-end outdoor space on a low-end budget. In addition, […] Read more